Royal Armouries

Thursday, 22 December 2011

This blog post is so late because its taken me so long to get the pictures off my cameras memory card. Me and my husband were at a loss for what to do one rainy Monday back in November as we both had the day off. We've lived in Leeds for 6 years now and there are still some of its delights we haven't managed to see, The Royal Armouries being one of them. So we made our way into town and actually had a really good time, I'm a big museum enthusiast and especially the ones that are interactive. My favourite part was definitely the floor about the World Wars, from being extremely young everything about the topic has fascinated me, even the morbid details. I can't really describe why but I just find it interesting. The anti-war exhibition was also very interesting with some really powerful posters.

Leeds is a brilliant city, and I'm proud to call it my home for the time being.. there's some really interesting things to get involved in here and I'm hoping that me and my husband can explore more of it.

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