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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

1950s Magic Tricks, Fat Butler Statue, Vintage Signs, Gollywog, 1950s Telephone, Vintage Language Coursebooks, Rocking Horse, Cat Comic, Record Player, A real barn owl, 1980s Porn Magazines, Reproduction Tardis, Gaudy Cat Painting, Bush Radios, The penny arcade games, WWII displays, 1970s TV Set, Amazing vintage body-positive seaside posters!

On Sunday my mother-in-law and I made the long overdue visit we had been planning for a while to Bygone Times in Wigan. I'm not quite sure what I expected when it was described to me by my MIL but it definitely wasn't what I was met with on the day! As the website describes its a series of 3 warehouses full to the brim with collectables, memorabilia, curios and antiques and it promises a truly unique shopping experience sparking nostalgia for years gone by. I'm an absolutely massive fan of 1950/60's kitsch and boy did I get my fill of it at Bygone Times!

Things I lusted over included a beautiful duck-egg blue Bakelite 500 telephone (although they were actually rather cheap, adding the cost of converting to touch-tone capabilities so it would work on our landline made it pretty expensive for a gamble.) And an original Steepletone record player which was actually in perfect working condition. Everywhere I looked I was met with kitschy little cat ornaments and paintings so I knew I couldn't leave without purchasing something cat-like. As it happens I stumbled across a lovely wooden cat ornament for the bargain price of £1.50, I also added to my basket an ornate carved wooden trinket box for £4.00 and a working Brownie Box Camera for £10, I know its going to cost a lot more than that to buy the film plates and get the photographs printed but even if I just keep it as a collectable I'm excited. Vintage photography is something that has really interested me for years now and I would love to have a collection of cameras.

Also inside the warehouse was a reproduction of a seaside penny arcade featuring original arcade machines restored and still usable, I come from one of the most famous Northern seaside holiday destinations from 'back in the day' Whitley Bay, and it was amazing to see the posters advertising the beach I know so well as something so glamorous! These days its mostly old people walking their dogs and young people hanging round drinking unfortunately and I would of loved to of seen my home-town in the glory days of it being a tourist capital, with the beaches heaving with holidaying families all relaxing.

I had a really, really lovely day and even though I probably didn't look at half of the trinkets contained inside the warehouse was truly shopped out after the 3 or 4 hours we spent wandering up and down the rows, I am definitely going to plan a visit back there sometime and would totally recommend it to other vintage and collectable lovers like me.

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  1. This is totally something I would love to go to if I was in that neck of the woods. I love vintage and antique EVERYTHING! xoxo


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