A day out in Otley.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Me and my husband had a rare weekday off together on Monday so we decided to make the most of it and get out of the house for a day out. Our original plans were to make use of a Groupon voucher I purchased a few weeks ago for the Dock Street Market in Leeds city centre but we were very disappointed to find out that they only took bookings 48 hours in advance something which I personally think is a little bit of overkill, especially as it was a lunch date on a Monday afternoon when I assume business will be pretty slow as everyone else is at work... we were planning on spending way more than the value of the voucher as I was really impressed with what they offer there but I was so upset about the excessive bookings procedure that I applied for a refund of the voucher and they have probably lost us as future customers. 

At a loss with what to do and a bit worried that our day off together had potentially been spoilt I suggested we jump in the car and just see where a drive would end us at, as much as I hate it for being a piece of junk when it does work the car has been an amazing enabler for us. As it was we decided to take the short drive up to Otley as we hadn't been before. We got there just past midday and wandered around the town centre for a bit taking in all the sights and how quaint the market town is. Then we decided to find somewhere to have lunch and happened upon a really cute tea room called The Pink Teapot which as you can probably tell was my the absolute perfect place for my tastes. There was bunting strung from the ceilings, polka dotted table cloths, the 'Pink Lady' staff wore pink aprons and the tea was served in the cutest little pink teapots as in the namesake. We both chose a bacon and sweet chilli jam panini which was polished off in no time, the combination of salty bacon and sweet and spicy jam was perfect and I really want to try re-create it for myself sometime. I washed it down with a gallon of tea from the cute little pink teapot. The bill came to around £12 which I thought was brilliantly reasonable and I will definitely be looking to going back there sometime. 

When we'd finished lunch we went for another wander round and went in and out of the plethora of charity shops, something I was very excited to see as there is a distinct lack of charity shops in Leeds itself. I was very good sticking to my clothes shopping ban but couldn't resist the lure of the book shelves and picked up Dear Fatty by Dawn French (which I've been wanting to read for ages) and another cheesy chick-lit offering from Sophie Kinsella. We had a lovely day despite our original plans changing, and it was lovely to see the rain clouds disappear and temperatures reach 20 degrees! 


  1. Dear Fatty is great and I love a cheesy chickflick by kinsella. :] The menu looks amazing btw xxx

    1. Thanks Danielle! I can't wait to get started on the books. I love Dawn French so much.

  2. My cousins used to live in Otley, I haven't been there in yeeeears! Food and charity shopping sounds like a damn good day out!

    Laila x

  3. Hey again, I wrote the longest reply to the lovely comment that you left me on my post so I thought I'd reply on your blog too so that you didnt miss it.
    I wrote:
    Thank you so much lady I'm so glad that you are doing so well clothes wise! I can totally relate to the food thing. Exotic fruit platters,fancy bread, that expensice fish that comes with a sauce, I look at a deli counter the way I used to look at a sales rack - Yep i've been more adventurous with food in the past 75 days than I have in the previous 22 years. Huummm.
    Before this I hardly spent anything on food becasue I live with mum I give her some board and she buys most of the food. I just buy meat becasue she dosen't eat it and other odd bits I fancy ( normally mangos and chocolate!)

    Oh well it could be worse - I do tend to stcik to special offer food and I normally go after work when they are reducing things!

    I dont have too much scope for spoiling my self becasue I have no income ( I work as a volenteer at a charity shop!). I did this to halt the financial hole I was digging myself in to. I plan to treat myself to about £20 pounds worth of things from my wish list and have a little charity shop trip. The rest of my wish list will turn in to a birthday list! lol However my fella has just informed me that he is planning to treat me when the 100 days are done becasue this coinsides with some huge hand in dates, an exhibition of my work, and a performance of my work - very scared. So when its all done He's going to treat me! :]]]].
    But after that it will be saving an job hunting once more! xxxxxxxxxx


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