Abbey House Museum

Sunday, 26 August 2012

It's been the massively rare occasion where I've had a Saturday off work so not wanting to let time with my husband pass by unceremoniously we decided to hop on a bus up to Kirkstall to make a visit to Abbey House Museum and Kirkstall Abbey. We'd been to Kirstkall Abbey a few times before and I'm always impressed at how magnificent it is, but seeing as it was raining we decided we'd head straight for Abbey House. It's a really lovely little museum featuring an authentically recreated Victorian era street with an apothecary, undertakers, haberdashery, greengrocers and a traditional Victorian pub! The upstairs bit of the museum featured a history of entertainment in Leeds and had displays relating to our famous musicians, variety performers, sportsmen and even a whole display dedicated specially to Leeds Festival. We had a really nice day even if it only was a few hours. Just before it started to chuck it down with rain we managed to have a little look around the food market that was on at the Abbey and picked up some scrumptious looking home-made cakes which I'm going to enjoy with a cup of tea right now.
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  1. I love the vintage shops, they photograph so well. We go to Haworth quite a lot over the summer and the shops there are so gorgeous! xo


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