Yorkshire Daytrip. White Scar Cave & The Forbidden Corner.

Monday, 30 July 2012

This is where the cave's get their name from, can you see the witch in the top left?

This post is like 2 weeks late but I've kind of lost my blogging mojo recently, I've preferred to just read the many I follow instead of making any posts of my own. But I'm feeling a bit down today and wanted to remember the awesome day trip me and my husband had round Yorkshire two Mondays ago. We both found ourselves with the day off on Monday so decided to make the absolute most of it and planned a pretty epic 145 mile trip round Yorkshire, taking in some of the brilliant sights and visitor attractions along the way. Filling the petrol tank all the way up we set off early Monday morning driving up the Otley Road taking in the beautiful rolling countryside views on the way. We arrived at our first destination shortly after, White Scar Cave. We took the 80 minute walk 2 miles down into the caves and saw some truly fascinating sights, my favourite part being the beautiful stalactites that were a strange blue colour. The cave is one of the oldest visitor attractions in Yorkshire, and it was truly mind-blowing to learn that the rock formations were not just thousands, but billions of years old. The tour guide took it upon herself to inform us that just a few weeks ago, due to the ridiculous amount of rain England has had recently that the cave actually flooded.. cue a bit of a panic from me but she assured us that wasn't going to happen at the time, but even if it did we were probably going to be safe in the main cavern due to it being so huge and absolutely impossible to flood! They even had an emergency bore hole where supplies, and sleeping bags could be sent down until the water subsided... that would be been pretty exciting I suppose, getting to spend the night in a cave. Alas that didn't happen so we made the climb back up to the surface and into the daylight.

We jumped back into the car and made our way up to Hawes to make a return visit to possibly my most favourite place on the entire planet, The Wensleydale Creamery. We first visited the working cheese factory on our "mini-moon" back in August 2010 when we spent the week in our lovely little Settle cottage. We decided to miss out the museum tour this time due to lack of time and headed straight for the cheese shop to stock up on the beautiful cheesey goodness and have a few too many samples along the way. My favourite absolutely has to be the Wensleydale with Ginger, the combination of creamy cheese and spicy sweet ginger is just absolutely perfect, the flavours complimenting each other so well. After stuffing our faces full of cheese and loaded down with goodies from the shop to take home and enjoy later it was time to jump back into the car and make the rainy drive to the other side of the Yorkshire Dales to a place I was always intrigued by called The Forbidden Corner. I won't say much about it because if you haven't visited I don't want to spoil too much, tagged as "the strangest place in the world" I have to say it truly does live up to its name! The Forbidden Corner is a unique labyrinth of tunnels, chambers, follies and surprises created in a four acre garden in the heart of Tupgill Park and the Yorkshire Dales. The temple of the underworld, the eye of the needle, a huge pyramid made of translucent glass, paths and passages that lead nowhere, extraordinary statues - at every turn there are decisions to make and tricks to avoid. This really is a day out with a difference which will challenge and delight adults and children of all ages (it definitely did delight us, children at heart!)

We had a really amazing day and finished it off by tucking into some dinner at a pub on the way home, with Phil having an amazing home-made lasagne and I choosing a comfortingly Northern affair of Steak & Kidney pudding with "chipped potatoes" and lashings of gravy. Bellies full it was with a heavy heart we made the final drive of the day back home to our beds, but with memories of a really lovely day to keep with us. I feel so lucky to have the privilege of a car and I hope we can do something like this again soon, Yorkshire is a truly amazing place and we concluded that we haven't seen enough of it just yet. I will be sad to leave it behind when we eventually make the decision to move out and settle down elsewhere.