Illuminating York

Sunday, 4 November 2012

As we missed one of my favourite dates on the Leeds event calender this year, Light Night, I was overjoyed when I saw they were recommending a similar event happening in York this weekend called Illuminating York. We bundled up in our winter woolies and made the short journey up to York for the night, our first stop was the National Railway Museum to see a series of light installations inside the darkened great hall containing all the trains, displaying them in a totally new and interesting way. We've never been to the railway mueum before so it was nice to get a glimpse of what it was like as well as being involved in the light festival. I definitley want to make another visit there when the place is lit up properly though!

We then made our way down to Museum Gardens for the main event, curated by Vic Reeves it promised the gardens had been turned into a magical 'Wonderland' of light and projections. I've just been on the events facebook page and read a few disgruntled people, which in some ways I agree with because we paid £5 for the ticket and we managed to see everything in no more than 20 minutes. I appreciated the stuff we did see, twinkly lights and projections always impress me and I paticularly enjoyed the National Dance Companys display, making ingenious use of the gardens landscape and projecting film of dancing people into the arches of the castle ruins as well as a live projection where you got the chance to dance yourself. Despite it being slightly underwhelming in size we did have a good time, it was a nice alternative way to spend our evening together and take in the sights of a different city in a whole new 'light.'

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