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Friday, 22 March 2013

On Friday me and a friend decided to meet up and be ladies who luncheon, originally planning to spend a Groupon voucher we learnt the place it was for was closed on Wednesdays so had to make a quick decision of somewhere else to go, I'd heard mentions of Mrs Athas on Twitter and read a review on Leeds Grub  of the place so decided to check it out. I was definitely pleased, we both hand a sandwich each from their lunch menu (mine was roast beef and horseradish, delicious!) and I went for a pot of Earl Grey to go along with it, the nice thing about Mrs Athas is that they not only focus on coffee but they also have a really impressive selection of specialty teas, something that as a tea drinker is a big plus for me! the focus always seems to be on coffees which I enjoy occasionaly but for me the big star is a lovely brew.

Afterwards we decided we just couldnt ignore the amazing selection of cakes and treats that were displayed so lovingly on the counter, we both went for a slice of the chocolate orange cake which was delightful as predicted.The surroundings were so cosy and comfortable that we sat and chatted for over two hours and watched many people come and go in that time, its seems like the really perfect place to sit and read or get some work done, they have plenty plug sockets for computers as well as free wifi. I will definitely be making many return visits.

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  1. Ooh this looks really nice! I live in Leeds and love finding little hidden gems



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