Room Tour

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

 So this is our new bedroom, I've spent months thinking about how its going to eventually look and moving in day came round and all my stuff filled it out. The centre piece of the room has got to be the beautiful bed from Ikea, for years I've wanted an ornate bed with a big headboard, obviously I've got fairy lights wrapped round it. I was actually going to miss having a clothes rail and because the room is on the smaller side I asked my dad to put one up for us instead of trying to squeeze a wardrobe in there, I've got a shelf thats going up above it for the record player and other things, trying to use every available bit of space wisely. I also want a smaller rail hung in the space behind the door so I can hang my bags/scarves/jewellry and I'm trying to figure out if I could fit in a dressing area of some sort, but it'll have to be the worlds smallest desk.

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  1. Your room is so pretty! I love it xx

  2. Your room looks so cozy and comfy! I hope I can one day have a bed room as wonderful as yours!

  3. Awww your bedroom is so lovely! :)

  4. Ah so lovely!! can you come over and do my bedroom please?


  5. This room is lovely! I like that it's white because it gives all the pretty things you put in it a blank canvas to stand out!


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