Monday, 12 August 2013

Dungarees - ASOS Curve
T-shirt - ASOS
Sandals - Evans

At the weekend me and Phil had a drive down the coast to take in some of the sea air. St Marys Island is full of nostalgia for me, memories of eagerly hunting through the rock pools for fascinating sea creatures, paddling in the North sea water warmed by the days sun, and the fake panic brought on by parents and grandparents that we would get stranded on the island once the tide came in; whilst secretly wishing it would happen so we could spend the night in the lighthouse. It's so nice to be back by the coast, the sea calls to me and I feel truly at peace sitting on the sand listening to the waves lapping at the shore. The lighthouse was decomissed in the early 90s so I only have vague memories of it lighting up the ocean through the night, I do remember the distinct sound of the fog horns though the eerie sound actually lulled me to sleep many a time, its a shame modern technology replaced those too.

Have you guys got any favourite places?

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  1. You look great! Very stylish and trendy. It looks like a beautiful place, too.
    For me... I just like to chill in our back yard and sit on the swing. Very therapeutic.

  2. Love those Dungarees! x

  3. Love those Dungarees! x


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