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Saturday, 3 August 2013

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I'm really late with this post but a couple of weeks ago I was invited down to the Lush Leeds store for their birthday celebrations, the evening wanted to showcase the wonderful experiences you can have in the Lush Spa. When I think of the word spa it conjures up a corporate atmosphere with robes and a swimming pool so being a novice to the Lush Spa experience I had no idea what to expect. When I arrived I was greeted with a glass of fruit infused water and the most delicious piece of vegan cake, I was then sent on my journey around the store to the knowledgeable staff members who were ready to explain the different treatments in detail.

I started on The Comforter* a chocolate body scrub and rose scented massage which was created to remind us to not take life so seriously and transport us back to a time of innocence, its very pink and girly. It sounded absolutely amazing, so much so that I had to book myself in for one! Luckily for me there was a cancellation the very next day. The experience was absolutely nothing like I imagined a spa treatment to be, I'm not actually a fan of massages because I'm anxious about people touching me but from the second I stepped down into the spa, decorated to feel like a cosy country cottage, I felt 'at home.' Hannah my therapist was really lovely and explained the experience and a bit more about the spa, I was given time to enjoy a glass of chilled water whilst she set the room up then into a world of imagination I walked! The room smelt of rose and pink lighting really set the mood, the soundtrack was mystical and during the treatment I found myself drifting off into the music entirely. I was asked to lay down on the massage bed which was as soft as a marshmallow, then wrapped in a beautifully warm duvet. The treatment started with a body scrub designed to soften the skin, each of my arm and legs were worked on separately all the while the music took me on a journey of true relaxation. The massage was absolutely out of this world, Hannah told me it was known as an 'eternity massage' where the forearms are used as well as the hands so it feels like there are many people working out your stress at once! When the treatment finished I was gently brought round by Hannah and told I could use all the time I need to get up and dressed, something I think is a really nice touch. Afterwards I met Hannah back in the kitchen where I was treated to a magical drink to bring me back to reality and left to 'come back down to earth.' I honestly couldn't recommend getting a treatment at the Lush Spa enough, the effects of feeling the most relaxed I've ever felt lasted for a few days afterwards.

Other treatments include Synathesisa Lush's signature treatment, 80 minutes of massage treatment designed to fully immerse you in relaxation. You choose how how you want to feel during the experience by picking out two essential oils co-ordinated with a word for example 'zest.' The Sound Bath a totally unique spa treatment where you're greeted with a magical experience akin to Alice in Wonderland then you'll enjoy a facial featuring hot and cold stones, ear candles and a soothing scalp massage all the while accompanied by a specially composed soundtrack designed to literally bathe you in sound. The Validation Facial is a completely tailor made treatment to suit your skin type, using over 10 of Lush's skincare products you'll be cleansed, toned and moisturised all while relaxing to the music.  The Spell is a foot massage like no other, it doesn't only focus on your feet but your entire body through reflex points, your worries will dissapear in a puff of smoke after this experience. And finally, The Good Hour is a deep tissue massage taking on you a journey out to sea, I really liked the sound of this one and probably will be booking myself in for this experience as soon as possible. Its themed around a pirate ship and the massage is designed to make you feel reminiscent of ropes on the ship, captain pugwash plays in the background and to finish the treatment you're treated to ships biscuits and a cup of the captains tea.

I'd like to thank the staff at the Leeds store for extending the invitation to me and for being so welcoming, I had a really lovely evening and the experience I was treated to was out of this world. I really can't stress enough how different the Lush Spa is to the kind of spa you commonly find attached to a hotel, its an all-encompassing experience from the minute you arrive in store to well after you leave, if you're interested in finding out more or booking a treatment for yourself you can find your local spa contacts details on the Lush Spa website.

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