Jam Jar, Jesmond.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

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Last week I felt like dressing up and going out to dinner as since we moved up North we've not done much dining out. Naturally the first thing I did was turn to the blogger world for ideas on where to go, I've got quite a long list... there seems to of been an explosion of good places to eat whilst I've lived away from Newcastle! We decided to first cross off Jesmonds Jam Jar, so hopping on the metro and wandering through the very rainy streets of Jesmond we arrived and were seated straight away, I've read that it can get pretty busy later on in the evening so we decided to go about 6pm, the tables began to fill up fast after us so I'm glad we did.

With a quick peruse of the menu we both decided on the Jam Burger, which I'd already decided I wanted before we got there anyway! I originally intended to sample one of the cocktails, as you guessed it served in a jam jar for super twee-ness but didn't much feel like alcohol once we'd got there so settled for some juice instead. The food came out really quickly, served on wooden boards to match the rustic decor and upping the whimsical stakes once again. I went for sweet potato fries as a side which were cooked perfectly with salty sweet flavour. The burger was absolutely delicious, the chuck steak making it plump and meaty, a carnivores dream. The coleslaw was really interesting with an oniony taste, it complimented the meaty burger really well. I don't usually go for pudding but I decided to treat myself and went for the burnt cream served with home-made shortbread biscuit and red berry reduction, it was super creamy and delicious and I could of eaten five of them!

Bellys full we made our way back out to the rainy streets towards home, I'll definitely be back at some point. Probably to take advantage of their Tuesday offers of two burgers and fries for the super cheap price of £12!
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