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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

So this post is a long time coming. I've been wanting to show off our beautiful new flat ever since we moved back in December. Seeing as I'm queen procrastinator I've only got round to digging out my camera this morning. I figured as I'd just done a bit of a spring clean, and it was all tidy, now was definitely the best time to get snapping. I took so many photos I thought I'd split the tour up into a few posts rather than dump them all in one. 

First up is my favourite room of the house, our bedroom. Its the biggest room of the house, measuring in at about 17m squared, so there is a TONNE of space. With the front having wall to floor bay-windows it gets a load of light. Its the ultimate femme bedroom of my dreams. The Ikea Liervik bed frame takes pride of place as main feature of the room. The wall behind it was looking bare so thanks to some pretty little heart wall decals from Urban Walls its now super eye-catching. I've also got some of their polka-dot decals up in my study which I'll show you tomorrow. 

After living with a clothes rail in our previous place, I've grown to love having my clothes out on display. It means I can see everything I've got. And as you can tell I have rather an extensive collection of clothing, the rails are absolute full to bursting. I've always dreamt of having enough room for a proper dressing area with a big mirror. Thanks to my bargain buy from Mirror Outlet I've finally been able to realise that. They're factory seconds so can have minor faults but I can't tell whats supposed to be wrong with mine! Its my favourite bit of furniture ever and I'm so in love with it.

I worried at first that having such a large bedroom would feel bare. But I reckon I've got enough furniture in there to fill it up! When we switch on the fairy lights and get into bed under all the the blankets its definitely cosy.  My beautiful Cath Kidston eiderdown was purchased at TK Maxx for 75% off just before Christmas.

There's still some things on the to-do list: painting the bedside cabinets and a 2x3 cabinet reminiscent of the Ikea Expedit, both hand-me-downs from my Auntie. They'll be white to match the rest of the room whenever I get the motivation to get my paint brush out!

If you wanna know where anything else in the room is from let me know in the comments, most of my junk is acquired over time so I might not remember! 

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  1. Oh my lawd, it's like something out of a magazine! I love it. x x

    1. I promise 90% of the time it looks nothing like that, there's clothes strewn all over the place and the bed is never made haha!!

  2. We've got the same bed :)



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