Home Tour - Living Room.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Next up in my home tour is the living room. The best thing about this room is the fireplace, you have no idea how long I have yearned for a fireplace and mantle. I think there's something so cosy about having a fire as the focus of the room, with the mantle to display loads of cute knick-knacks. The M&P wooden letters were from a craft shop in Hexham but I know you can get them online in lots of places. The heart union jack bunting was from Sainsburys a few years ago. And all the cat themed things were gifts or from charity shops. I like to switch up the display every now and again, and I'm thinking of doing themed displays for events of the month! February was valentines themed and I had a rose garland and the ceramic hearts you can see on the Expedit.

Our 'media centre' as I like to call it is in the corner of the room out of sight. I don't like having a television as the focus of the room, they're ugly bits of technology in my opinion. I do like the record player area I cobbled from a single Expedit shelf and some legs, they're the perfect size for vinyl. I've finally been able to realise my dream of having a corner sofa as well. Its so nice to be able to cuddle up on it, light candles and watch Netflix together. The corner unit was a gift from my mam, its so cute and the best thing is that I can switch up the fabric when I get bored. As we haven't got a dining room we had to find a table small enough to fit into the living room. This extendable one from Ikea was the perfect size. The wall unit with little knick-knacks in is from B&M, I love that place for furniture and home-wares.

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  1. I love the little wall cabinet above the table and the corner unit. You have such a lovely home! x x


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