All black everything.

Monday, 27 April 2015

I'm going through (or have been for some time) somewhat of a shift in style. A few years ago you'd never see me out of pretty floaty dresses much in-tune with high femme-ness. Then I bought the first pair of pants I'd had in years. Just a simple pair of skinny black jeans from SimplyBe and a whole new sartorial world opened up to me. Ever since I've swapped out my flirty dresses for a two piece outfit consisting of jeans & and a top. I'm also into black, all black everything to be honest. I banished it from my wardrobe for a while because its all I ever wore as a body-conscious teen goth. I thought that when there's so many pretty dresses in colourful colours and prints why would I be wearing boring old black? How wrong I was. I wore this outfit a few months ago now for cocktails in Newcastle with some of my best friends. I forgot how bloody lethal the leather jacket's buckles are though, scratched my arms to bits! I went with suitably vampy make-up and despite it being such a simple outfit I felt oh so chic.

Top - ASOS
Jeans - Simply Be Chloe's
Boots - Evans
Jacket - New Look
Fur Collar - Misguided

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