Chubby lil summer goth.

Friday, 19 June 2015

Another holiday outfit, I call this one my chubby lil summer goth look. These high waisted shorts from ASOS are amazing and I've worn them a lot since I bought them. They're just long enough to prevent chub-rub and the fit is excellent. Before our holiday I decided I wanted a big hat, I went to H&M with my partner and this beauty was the very first thing I laid eyes on. I thought maybe it was overkill at first but quickly fell in love with how dramatic it is.

Outfit details
Shorts - ASOS Curve
Crop - H&M
Hat - H&M
Belt - ASOS Curve

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  1. I love that hat and them shorts. I'm not a short girl because I can never find a perfect pair. They either ride up in all the wrong places or the legs are too short so I chub rub, but them ASOS shorts seem perfect! Hope you had a fantastic holiday :D

    Kourtney |


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