Saturday, 20 June 2015

Last month me and my family flew out to Ibiza to celebrate my dads 50th birthday together and it was  one of the best holidays I've ever had purely for how relaxing it was. It came at a time where I really needed it, it was nice to just be able to switch off to what was happening back at home for a bit. And getting to spend some quality time with my family, no matter how much they annoy me sometimes, was a blessing. My dad had an absolute blast and getting to know my siblings partners who also came along was nice as well. We stayed in a beautiful villa we found on Airbnb in Sant Josep De Se Talia which is in the South of the island, more suited to a family type holiday than the drinking & dancing that I'd done when I was there last.

We ate like kings to be honest, the villa had a BBQ area and a lovely outside dining table where we ate as a family most nights. On our last day there we rented mopeds (highly recommended, a great way to see more of the country) and whilst pootling round the island found a beautiful beachside bar and restaurant called Soul Beach where the chef made us paella (spaghetti bolognese for me, the non-fish eater) and we drank cocktails and swam in the crystal clear waters.

Top of the list of amenities we looked for in a villa was our own pool, and we totally lucked out with this place. I spent 80% of the holiday in my donut floaty, beer in hand, total bliss! Since the launch of AirBnB me and my partner don't holiday any other way, having your own private place instead of having to share it with hundreds of others is brilliant and you completely avoid the package holiday dramas, having to wake at 5am to claim a sunbed with your towel? Nightmare! I often find its so much cheaper than a package holiday as well.

I could just be back on this beach right now, cocktail in hand and my e-reader loaded with holiday reads.

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