All black everything.

Monday, 27 April 2015

I'm going through (or have been for some time) somewhat of a shift in style. A few years ago you'd never see me out of pretty floaty dresses much in-tune with high femme-ness. Then I bought the first pair of pants I'd had in years. Just a simple pair of skinny black jeans from SimplyBe and a whole new sartorial world opened up to me. Ever since I've swapped out my flirty dresses for a two piece outfit consisting of jeans & and a top. I'm also into black, all black everything to be honest. I banished it from my wardrobe for a while because its all I ever wore as a body-conscious teen goth. I thought that when there's so many pretty dresses in colourful colours and prints why would I be wearing boring old black? How wrong I was. I wore this outfit a few months ago now for cocktails in Newcastle with some of my best friends. I forgot how bloody lethal the leather jacket's buckles are though, scratched my arms to bits! I went with suitably vampy make-up and despite it being such a simple outfit I felt oh so chic.

Top - ASOS
Jeans - Simply Be Chloe's
Boots - Evans
Jacket - New Look
Fur Collar - Misguided


Sunday, 26 April 2015

For visiting Lady Dinahs and wandering around Shoreditch with a Brick Lane Beigel bake in hand I thought I better choose something comfy, and whats more comfortable than a pair of dungarees? This playsuit version popped up on ASOS a few months ago and I instantly snapped them up. I originally thought they'd be a thicker material because I didn't read the description properly but they're like a soft jersey which I actually like better because they're a lot more moveable. Channeling a french school girl vibe I went with another ASOS purchase a simple breton striped top, you have no idea how long I've searched for a top like this in size fat without any stupid gimmicks like prints/cold shoulders. Finding 'staple' items is so difficult in plus-size. My denim jacket is a mens XXXXL off eBay because I've wanted an oversized one for ages that I can sew patches onto, its absolutely huge. Wish I had cool backdrops like this to photograph outfits in front of all the time!

Jacket - eBay
Dungarees - ASOS
Breton top - ASOS
Boots - Evans

Lady Dinahs Cat Emporium

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Everyone that knows me will tell you that I am obsessed with cats. Spend 15 minutes with me and you'll understand how they come to that conclusion too. If I'm not talking about them, I'm thinking about them. So just over a year ago when I caught news that 'Lady Dinah' was crowdfunding to open up a cafe which not only served delicious tea & cake, but allowed you to enjoy that experience with resident cats too, it really excited me. I pledged some funding to it myself and posted all over social media urging my friends to do the same. When it finally opened I was so excited, its been so popular ever since that I struggled to get myself booked in. The extra obstacle being that we'd have to make a weekend of it seeing as I'd be travelling hundreds of miles down the country for the pleasure.

When a week off work with nothing planned cropped up I decided to book us an AirBnB and a slot at the cafe. Booked in for high tea we arrived at Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium bright and early.  Greeted by staff with smiles, the excitement was buzzing inside me. We were sat downstairs in the basement with a variety of ingenious cat-friendly furniture items. Our drinks orders taken, the 'cat' experience took off with Alice one the newest kittens running down the stairs chasing a mouse on a string. Our food arrived fast, it was plentiful and tasty, we couldn't even finish it so asked for the cakes to be packed up for take out. We enjoyed an hour and a half in the company of the cafe's 12 cats. An amazing experience, Wookie the big brown tabby being my favourite of the group. Even if most of the cats were asleep I was still grateful to be in their presence.

The idea sprung from Japan where they go to the cafes to just enjoy the companionship and comfort offered from our feline friends. It isn't a petting zoo and nor should it be. I think there's nothing more beautiful than watching a sleeping cat, dozing away without a care in the world. I had a fantastic time and it was clear that the other patrons were enjoying themselves too. I'm hoping to experience it again someday if we ever happen to find ourselves down in London again.